My picture. I know, I should get a new one... meanwhile you can take a look to my CV.


It is my pleasure to announce the birth of my new web page. I know that many of you (n>0) have been waiting for this for a very long time. So, be happy it is here!

FAQ-conversation mode:

  1. -What is this?

  2. -It is my web page.

  3. -What?!

  4. -I mean, the idea is to post interesting stuffs.

  5. -Oh, I see. So, what is interesting here?

  6. -Good point. Right now, the interesting stuffs are the pictures it has. But soon, it will have more!

  7. -OK, I’ll come back soon then. Oh, before I forget, why did you put that piece of Neruda’s poem?

  8. -Great question! I like that part.


Welcome dear Scientific Computing Lovers

And a view from my office... don’t you like it?!