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Welcome to my OLD webpage

This webpage is my old webpage when I was at Departamento de Informática. I still participate in the PhD and Master program of this department, but my new webpage is THIS ONE. Everything here is before 2018, but I like to keep the historical webpage as long as possible


Welcome to my personal wiki, please feel free to navigate as you want. I've put some general pages in the top bar of the page, such as publications, research and just for fun.

Mauricio Araya

About Me

My full name is Mauricio Alejandro Araya López, I studied Engineering in Informatics at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María and obtained my Master in Computer Science degree at the same University. Afterward, I traveled overseas to pursue my PhD degree at the INRIA located in Nancy, France. I worked at the Informatics Department of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María as a researcher. Now I hold a professor position in the Electronics Department of the same University. This page is outdated then, but soon enough I will have a new webpage in my new Department.

Curriculum Vitae

Here are different versions of my curriculum vitae


I've taught in the past the following courses:

  • Programming Languages and Paradigms
  • Computer Networks (and Advanced Networks Workshop)
  • Programming Challenges (ICPC Coaching)
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Architectures
  • Data Structures
  • Introduction to Data Bases

I Usually Use


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