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This is my publications wikipage, where I try to keep updated all the publications that I have made. This section includes my published results in proceedings, conferences, journals, technical reports and theses. I will try to put a link to the actual document for each publication, but that will depend on the publisher rights. If you find any right violation in these documents, please inform me ASAP.

In Preparation

Journal Articles

  • Indexing data cubes for content-based searches in radio astronomy. Mauricio Araya, Gabriel Candia, Rodrigo Gregorio, Marcelo Mendoza, and Mauricio Solar. Astronomy and Computing, 14:23 – 34, 2016. [ISI IF=pending]
  • A survey on the virtual observatory. Mauricio Araya, Mauricio Solar, and Jonathan Antognini. New Astronomy, 2015. [ISI IF=1.244].

In Proceedings


  • Chilean virtual observatory. Mauricio Solar, Mauricio Araya, Luis Arevalo, Ricardo Contreras, Victor Parada, and Diego Mardones. In Proceedings of CLEI. CLEI, 2015.
  • The Chivo library: advanced computational methods for astronomy. Mauricio Araya, Mauricio Solar, Diego Mardones, Luis Arevalo, Marcelo Mendoza, Camilo Valenzuela, Teodoro Hochfarber, Martin Villanueva, Marcelo Jara, and Axel Simonsen. In Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems. ADASS, 2015.
  • Open skies with cloud computing. Mauricio Solar and Mauricio Araya. In Electronic Government and Electronic Participation: Joint Proceedings of Ongoing Research, PhD Papers, Posters and Workshops of IFIP EGOV and EPart 2015. IOS Press, 2015.


  • Exorcising the ghost in the machine: Synthetic spectral data cubes for assessing big data algorithms. Mauricio Araya, Mauricio Solar, Diego Mardones, and Teodoro Hochfarber. In Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems. ADASS, 2014.
  • Evaluating nosql alternative for chilean virtual observatory services. Jonathan Antognini, Mauricio Araya, Mauricio Solar, Camilo Valenzuela, and Francisco Lira. In Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems. ADASS, 2014.
  • Chilean Virtual Observatory services implementation for the ALMA public data. Jonathan Antognini, Mauricio Solar, Jorge Ibsen, Mauricio Araya, Lars Nyman, Diego Mardones, Camilo Valenzuela, Patricio Ramirez, Christopher Fernandez, Mario Garces. In Proceedings of SPIE 2014, Montréal, Canada., volume 9152. SPIE, 2014. [SCOPUS][ISI-Proceeding].








  • ALMA Common Software - UTFSM Group. Mauricio Araya, Jorge Avarias, Matias Mora and Rodrigo Tobar. Proceedings of VI Reunión Anual Sociedad Chilena de Astronomía (SOCHIAS), Chile.

Technical Reports


Verifying Periodic Real-Time Requirements for ACS Time System. Master of Science in Informatics Engineering. Departamento de Informática, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. 2008

Near-Optimal Algorithms for Sequential Information-Gathering Decision Problems. PhD in Informatics (Docteur en Informatique). LORIA, Université de Lorraine. 2013. (pdf soon)

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