Marcelo Mendoza is Electronic Engineer and Master in Informatics of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile. He received a PhD in Computer Science from the Universidad de Chile. He did a Post Doc in Yahoo Research. Currently he is a faculty professor at the Department of Informatics, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María and head of the Master in Informatics program at the same University.

He is founder and former President of the Chilean Association of Pattern Recognition. He is researcher at the Valparaíso Center of Science and Technology and associate researcher at the Millennium Institute for Research on Data Foundations. His research interests are text mining, information retrieval and data mining in social networks.

Marcelo Mendoza, Professor
Department of Informatics
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Room A-131, Vicuña Mackenna 3939, San Joaquín, Zip: 8940000, Santiago, Chile

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