I am Electronics Engineer and Master in Informatics of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile. I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Universidad de Chile. I did a Post Doc in Yahoo Research. I am Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria.

I am founder and former President of the Chilean Association of Pattern Recognition. I am researcher at the Valparaíso Center of Science and Technology, associate researcher at the Millennium Institute for Research on Data Foundations, and principal investigator of the National Center of Artificial Intelligence CENIA. I have published in major conferences such as WWW, KDD, and CIKM as well as in high impact factor journals such as KBS, IPM, ESWA, EPJ Data Science, ACM TOIS, and Plos One. I was general chair of international conferences such as ICPRS 17, sponsored by the IET, and CIARP 18, sponsored by the IAPR. My research articles count more than 6400 citations with an H-index of 19 and i10-index of 35 according to Google scholar. Currently, I am academic editor of Plos One, a top journal in inter-disciplinary research.

Research summary: My work focuses on developing artificial intelligence methods to measure and anticipate events and processes in which humans participate. Among these events, I highlight the spread of information, the territorial disposition of humans in cities, the formation of communities, and the virtuous and destructive interactions between people. In addition, I am interested in disinformation diffusion processes, virtuous and destructive interactions between people such as polarization and controversy, and processes of human segregation. The enabling techniques for this type of research involve natural language processing, social network analysis, and deep learning on graphs. Specific tasks that my research allows me to address are the characterization of disinformation propagation processes, community formation, and the detection of artificial interventions in the dynamics of human interaction.

Marcelo Mendoza, Associate Professor
Department of Informatics
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Room A-131, Vicuña Mackenna 3939, San Joaquín, Zip: 8940000, Santiago, Chile

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